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Parc Clematis will be a new icon in Clementi Estate.  It has a new bold facade exhibiting 4 different styles – Signature, Elegance, Contemporary and Masterpiece.  More on Parc Clematis Project Details can be quickly found here.

More on Parc Clematis bedroom size breakdown can refer quickly from here.

Parc Clematis Elegance Style: Blk 8, 8A, 8F (8 units / level)

Parc Clematis Contemporary Style : Blk 8B, 8C, 8E (9 units / level); Blk 8D (5 units / level)

Parc Clematis Signature Style: Blk 6 & 6A (4 units / level)

Full Parc Clematis Floor Plan downloadable below.



Contemporary Style: Total of 4 Towers (Tower 8B, 8C, 8D and 8E) built for the new age young generation family with a modern grey outlook.  Living in Parc Clematis is pampering range of 1 – 4bedroom and 2 & 3 Bedroom Dual Key.



Elegance Style: Total of 3 Towers (Tower 8, 8A and 8F) designed with Asian rich culture of living close knitted  for families with a soft earth appearance.  Parc Clematis is family orientated with choice of 1 – 5 bedroom type.



Masterpiece Style: Total of 12 Terraces and 6 Bungalows House with lush beautiful landscape, a lap pool of 50 metres and private garden.  Parc Clematis extends a relaxing resort environment within the development.



Signature Style: Total of 2 Towers (Tower 6 and 6A).  This range in Parc Clematis housed the top  premium quality living with 3/ 4/ 5 Bedroom type.  Refined and sophisticated bold facade for one who is inspired by space.

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